“Women’s Stories” Film Series

A Note from GIFF’s Chair of Film Selection, Laura Kutnick

Greenwich International Film Festival, a female founded film festival, takes pride in telling women’s stories and not just to women. This virtual film series gives voice to the unsung stories of forgotten women from different walks of life. Our female focused stories delve into the emerging identities of young women as well as into the wearisome sacrifices of the women who came before them. These independent films offer rare insight into the harried life of the jobless destitute who struggles to make ends meet as well as the working woman who struggles to break through the glass ceiling of a male dominated profession. The overwhelming complexity of modern life is caught on camera whether it be the homeless high school student who wins a college wrestling scholarship or the inexplicable suicide of the privileged sixteen year old from a caring family. On the other end of the spectrum, we come to better understand how a law-abiding elderly widow can be driven to a life of crime or how the power of female friendship can win out over career failure. Selfless or selfish, understood or misunderstood, loved or lonely, this female film series brings viewers a broader appreciation of women in our world.

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