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The Drive-In Is Back!

THE DRIVE-IN IS BACK       Few things scream “simpler times” like the drive-in movie theater. Mention the iconic pastime and you conjure up nostalgic images of baby boomers...
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Virtual Art Camp

Do you have a budding young Picasso, Martha Graham or Yo-Yo Ma on your hands? Maybe a Jack White or a Jackson Pollock? If you’re looking for a fantastic outlet...
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The Bellmen: A Hilarious Examination of an Unexamined Profession

During a time of communal stress and anxiety, Greenwich International Film Festival was overjoyed to present The Bellmen as part of its 2020 platform. This comedic feature thrills the audience...
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Our 2020 VIP Gift Bags!

As we kick off the first-ever Virtual Greenwich International Film Festival, we are grateful for the support of our sponsors such as Betteridge, Volvo, JP Morgan, Bloomberg Philanthropies, the Connecticut...
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The Nature Conservancy of Connecticut: Making a Positive Impact on the Environment

In the midst of a pandemic it’s hard to find a silver lining. Yet if you look hard enough, I mean really hard, you may just find one.  As a...
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In these uncertain times, we yearn to feel useful. We search for purpose. Intellectually, we know that we are staying home and watching Netflix to protect our health care workers...
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Knowledge Isn’t Optional

At a time when facts and truth have become increasingly optional, denial of history flourishes. Knowledge is Power, the theme of the 2020 Greenwich International Film Festival, is timely. It...
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