Thank you to our Supporters

Your generosity allows GIFF to host a world class film festival that harnesses the power of film to serve the greater good by raising funds and awareness for causes that relate to basic human rights, education, the environment and health care.

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Kate & Jim Clark
The Eve and Simon Colin Family Foundation
The Dale & Laura Kutnick Foundation
Craig & Debbie Stapleton
Wendy Stapleton
Victoria Triplett


Ann & Nick Young
Mr. & Mrs. Charles M. Royce
Kim Nichols MD

Distinguished Members

Darrell and Robin Harvey
Sue & Mike Bodson
Jane & Paul Shang
Kevin & Deanne Sneddon
Dr. Tom & Elisa Wilson
Jim & Ginge Cabrera
Clay & Eva Pecorin
Clay Floren & Andrew Elmets

Premier Members

Ann Citrin
Michael & Charlene Bego
Nina & Fabio Lindia
Linda Munger
Nicki Rose
Riann Smith

Greenwich Members

Elizabeth Hall
Courtenay & TJ Carella
Hillary Grogan
Beth Rigert
blú Swimwear

Film Members

Mandana Vetto
blú Swimwear
Elizabeth Bourtry
Cristine Russell
Ben Heineman
Jen Frascella
Liz Anderson
Genevieve Segura
Ines Matitia
Ali Wolfe
Olivia St. Fleur
Alissa Denicola

GIFF is honored to have the support of our Founding Members. Their generosity has allowed the Festival to offer free programming to the public, provide much needed support to filmmakers, make significant contributions to charity partners, and attract talented filmmakers and projects to the area.

Bradshaw-Mack Foundation (2015)
Barry & Barbara Carroll (2015)
Kate & Jim Clark (2018-2020)
Crain Family Foundation (2015-2019)
Colleen & Kipp deVeer (2015, 2019)
The Fareri Family (2015-2019)
Pamela & David B. Ford (2015, 2019)
Kenny & Kim Habul (2019-2020)
Elizabeth & Gene Hall (2020)
Darrell & Robin Harvey (2019)
Joni Steele Kimberlin (2019)
Dale & Laura Kutnick Foundation (2019-2020)
Jim & Jenny Matthews (2015)
Donald & Muffy Miller (2015)
Deborah & Chuck Royce (2015-2018)
Ras & Kristyna Sipko (2015-2018)
Wendy Stapleton (2015-2020)
The Stapleton Family Foundation (2015-2020)
Eleanor & John Sullivan (2015)
Mark & Leigh Teixeira (2015-2020)
Victoria & Mike Triplett (2015)

Media Partners

Community Partners

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