Social Impact Film Series

A Note from GIFF’s Chair of Film Selection, Laura Kutnick

Films from our social impact series share the power of interconnectivity with the world around us and the people who surround us.

We see how connections between people have radically diminished and how this isolationist trend steadily divides our already divided country in JOIN OR DIE. Scientists reveal how connections with our surroundings are essential when studying California’s giant Redwood trees, which have existed for thousands of years and overcome all sorts of disasters, in GIANTS RISING.

Our film selections also probe the human heart to reveal its strength and resilience. Watch as a six year old overcomes heartbreak when her beloved nanny returns to her native country to nurture her own children in AMA GLORIA, and how a gay Egyptian-Palestinian Brooklynite overcomes the complex contradictions inherent in her Muslim traditions to honor her mother in COMING AROUND.

What makes all our film selections socially impactful is that they journey deep into the human heart to offer unexpected understanding and hope for humanity.

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