Wild Mountain Thyme: ‘Slainte’ to RomComs

Wild Mountain Thyme: ‘Slainte’ to RomComs

By: Claire Danko, GIFF Intern

Overflowing with sweeping views of the lush Irish countryside, John Patrick Shanley’s new film Wild Mountain Thyme is a fable-like romantic dramedy.  Like in Moonstruck, Shanley’s love for rapid-fire banter and impossible love stories between quirky dreamers is on full display here. The star-crossed lovers at the center of this larger than life will-they-won’t-they story are a pair of neighboring farmers; the bullheaded Rosemary Muldoon (Emily Blunt) and her brooding bachelor, Anthony Reilly (Jamie Dornan).

The story opens when they were children, growing up on neighboring family farms that have been connected deeply for generations. Despite an early incident, which would have discouraged most girls from pursuing Anthony, Rosemary is undeterred. Instead, she waits patiently for Anthony to come to his senses and see what everyone watching the film can see – these two misfits belong together. Unfortunately, Anthony neurotically adheres to the belief that he is not suited for marriage.

Anthony is forced to question his reluctance to wed when his father Tony (Christopher Walken), tired of his son’s inaction, threatens to sell the family farm to Anthony’s wealthy American cousin Adam (Jon Hamm). Naturally, the charming American isn’t just interested in the farm, but in the passionate, stunningly incandescent Rosemary as well. For the first time in his life, Anthony sees he is actually in danger of losing the two things he loves most. Will this threat finally force the dreamer to face his fears? Will he admit to Rosemary the strange secret that has kept him at a distance from her for all these years?

Wild Mountain Thyme is Based on Shanley’s 2014 Tony-nominated Broadway play “Outside Mullingar.” It’s a super quirky, unabashedly romantic tale about true love’s absurdly bumpy course. A good one to watch as you cuddle by the fire.

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