Shari’s Shortlist: ‘The Naughty List’

With so many options to choose from, picking the perfect movie to watch this time of year can seem harder than knitting an ugly holiday sweater. If you are someone who could use a break from tradition, check out GIFF’s “Naughty List” of films. Gather your friends and family, as there’s no need to be Home Alone to enjoy these unconventional, yet festive films.

  1. Eyes Wide Shut- By far and away the naughtiest on our list, every frame of this movie is filled with Christmas. This film follows a New York doctor on his journey of sexual discovery after his wife admits she almost cheated on him.
  2. The Long Kiss Goodnight- This kick-ass feminist action flick is brimming with Yuletide spirit. A small-town school teacher suffering from amnesia begins to recover memories after someone from her past life finds out she’s still alive.
  3. Trading Places- Grab your Santa suit and smoked salmon, and laugh yourself silly with this classic holiday comedy. Follow the story of an upper-class broker and a homeless street hustler who’s paths cross when they are unknowingly involved in a bet.
  4. Batman Returns- Supremely crafted by Tim Burton, this dark and twisted gothic fantasy oscillates between the sensual and the grotesque. This action-packed film will have you on the edge of your seat while you watch Batman attempt to save Gotham city.
  5. Die Hard & Die Hard 2- By now everyone knows about the original and its sequel being Christmas classics, but we love them because they are the ultimate American everyman action movie. 
  6. Scrooged- Bill Murray ‘sleighs’ it in this imaginative and naughty retelling of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. Murry portrays a very successful television executive who is visited by ghosts on Christmas Eve. They give him a chance to re-evaluate his past actions.
  7. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang- This festive murder mystery will keep you guessing until the very end.
  8. Gremlins- A mischievous monster movie with a lot of heart – just don’t feed it after midnight!
  9. Bad Santa- This raunchy crime caper will get you drunk on holiday spirit. Follow the adventures of a conman and his partner as they attempt to rob a department store, but something unexpected gets in their way.
  10. Krampus- Darkly comedic, this chilling fantasy is pure festive fun. After a boy has a bad Christmas, he accidentally summons a festive demon.
  11. In Bruges- Brendan Gleason and Colin Farrell are at their best in this sardonic crime dramedy. After a job gone wrong, a hitman and his partner must await orders from their boss in Bruges, Belgium.
  12. Mean Girls- This fiercely female-centric movie is totally “fetch.” This hilarious films mocks high school hierarchy and stereotypes.
  13. Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale- Even non-believers will become Santa devotees after watching this little-known Finnish gem. A group of explores work to unearth a close-guarded secret about Christmas.
  14. Bridget Jones’s Diary- Flanked by holiday parties, this charming British romance will steal your heart and inspire you to put on your ugly Christmas sweater. Follow the story of Bridget Jones who is determined to improve herself while looking for love; which she chronicles in her personal diary.
  15. Lethal Weapon- A truly dynamic duo make this action-packed thriller the ultimate buddy movie.

Each month from now through the Festival, tune into the GIFF blog to check out the latest recommendations from our Programming Team.  We’d love to hear some of your ideas, so please comment with suggestions for future blogs.


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