Shari’s Shortlist: Spring Splatters

Like the old proverb says about March, it’s “in like a lion, out like a lamb” – so give your spring a roaring start with these 15 fabulous slasher films. We’ve chosen our favorites – did yours make the list?


  1. Scream: A meta-Hollywood homage that deconstructs the horror genre… plus it’ll scare the pants off of you.

This film reinvented the slasher-horror genre which is funny, clever, and scary all at the same time.

  1. A Nightmare on Elm Street: Whatever you do, don’t fall asleep because Freddy is waiting for you.

A group of friends start having the same dream -nightmare-  about a disfigured man with gloves made of knives. Their only escape from him terrorizing their dreams is to wake up!

  1. Friday the 13th: This movie set the standard… promiscuous teen sex = death.

Despite warnings from the locals, counselors set up camp in Crystal Lake, which has a history of murder. The group soon finds themselves being stalked by a brutal killer.

  1. Halloween: Witness the origin of Michael Myers with an incredible score and John Carpenter at the helm.

Follow along as Michael Myers searches for his next victims.

  1. Psycho: You’ll never shower alone again.

On the run after stealing money from her employer, the main character finds herself at a motel and meets a young man interested in taxidermy.

  1. Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Legit scary as hell – you’ll want to renew your AAA membership after screening.

If the name doesn’t give it away, you will find yourself at the edge of your seats watching as the surviors do anything they can to escape from the chainsaw-weilding murder.

  1. I Know What You Did Last Summer: “What are you waiting for?!?”

A year after running over a fisherman and dumping his body in the water, four friends receive a frightening letter stating that their crime was seen.

  1. Child’s Play: Chucky will make you think twice about bringing a doll home.

A murderer uses black magic to put his soul inside a doll names Chucky, which ends up in the home of a boy named Andy. Andy is institutionalized as he tried to warn people that the doll is alive.

  1. American Psycho: Christian Bale ‘slays’ as Patrick Bateman in this 1980s period satire.

A handsome young professional moonlights as a serial killer.

  1. Black Christmas: See Bob Clark’s much darker (and decidedly bloodier) Christmas film, his other one being A Christmas Story.

Winter break has just begun and a group of sorority sisters start receiving anonymous phone calls. Then one night one of the sisters goes missing from the sorority house and a local adolescent girl is murdered.  

  1. Prom Night: See a post-Halloween Jamie Lee Curtis fight (again!) for her life against a ski-masked, axe wielding killer.

After a deranged teacher kills the family of a girl named Donna, years later she comes face to face with him again on prom night.

  1. Sleepaway Camp: The shocking finale will make you question whether or not to send your little ones away.

Angela Baker, a traumatized and very shy young girl, is sent to summer camp with her cousin. Shortly after her arrival, anyone with sinister or less than honorable intentions gets their comeuppance.

  1. Peeping Tom: A classic for a reason – this movie invented the voyeur slasher.

Loner Mark Lewis is working on a documentary on fear, recording the reactions of his victims as he murders them. When the neighbor learns about his film, she sneaks into his apartment to watch it and is horrified with what she finds.

  1. Deep Red: Dario Argento’s blood-soaked mid-70s mystery will keep you on your toes.

After a psychic medium is murdered, a musician finds the body and feels the need to solve the case.

  1. You’re Next: This home invasion horror fest complete with animal masks and crossbows will have you on the edge of your seat, plus #feminism.

When a group of assailants wielding crossbows attack a family reunion, they must pull together to avoid death.

  1. It Follows: A clever STD horror film… the gift that keeps on giving.

After Jay sleeps with her new boyfriend for the first time, she learns that she is the recipient of a curse… death.

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