Meet Our 2016 Charity Partners

An important part of the mission of the Greenwich International Film Festival (GIFF) is to harness the power of film to serve the greater good by supporting important causes each year. This year, GIFF is proud to focus on important human rights initiatives. Nearly half of our program for the festival, has a social impact focus, and proceeds from this year’s festival will benefit five charity partners that fall under the human rights them. These include: National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Rainforest Fund, Community Access, Girl Rising, and UNHCR. Please read below to learn more about these inspiring organizations.


National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV)

The NCADV is an organization founded in 1978 that seeks to put an end to domestic violence. They believe that their goals can be attained by providing leadership for programs that improved services for women who have suffered domestic abuse. NCADV’s zero tolerance policy developed a national communication and resource network for victims to trust in. This union has formed a national voice that can now directly address important issues that affect women and deliver education that will drive change. Currently, the NCADV is responsible for The Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery Program (CRS), that assists abuse victims who cannot afford corrective surgery, and the Remember My Name (RMN) program, that memorializes those who have been killed by an abuser. Their efforts have succeeded in bringing awareness to the world.


The Rainforest Fund

The Rainforest Fund is a charitable foundation that has dedicated itself to protecting the rights of indigenous people as well as their ecosystems and environment. For more than twenty years the organization has strived to be a platform for the population of the rainforest. When practices of the government negatively effect the environment, the Rainforest Fund is promptly there to defend. Projects in Africa, the Americas, and Asia are chosen based on specific standards. The goal of all projects is for indigenous people as well as their environment to remain protected. The Rainforest Fund believes that dishonoring the environment directly leads to human rights negligence such as life, health, and culture.


Community Access

Community Access is a program founded in 1974 which was a dedicated response to the enormous discharge of patients from New York psychiatric hospitals. Founders made it a goal to aid patients in the difficult process of integrating back into the community. Although the program began as assisting patients in finding housing; since then they have become supportive in numerous ways. Community Access helps with job training, education, veterans, and those struggling with substance abuse to name a few. Their mission is to provide opportunities for those living with mental health concerns. The program encourages and makes it possible for people to create the lives they choose and deserve.

unhcr (JPEG)


UNHCR is an agency created in 1950 after World War II. The agency helped Europeans who were forced to leave their homes. Although it is 65 years later, they are still aiding refugees around the world. The goal of the UNHCR is to ensure every individual has the opportunity to feel safe leaving their homes in order to live in another country. The agency provides refugees with protection, shelter, health, and education. They strive to help refugees mend their difficult pasts while looking toward a future filled with opportunities.

Girl Rising (JPEG)

Girl Rising

Girl Rising is a global campaign which promotes girls’ education. The campaign uses storytelling in order to explain that transformation can occur through the education of girls. Girl Rising strongly believes that all girls have the right to an education and should be able to live to their fullest potentials. Raising awareness for this campaign is done through films such as Girl Rising, directed by Academy Award-nominee, Richard E. Robbins. The film is about the human spirit and how education can change the world.

Our team at the Greenwich International Film Festival (GIFF) sincerely believes that exposure to the visual arts can have a lasting impact on our world. We are thrilled to have these Charity partners on board to support our fight for equal Human Rights!

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