Countdown To The Inaugural Virtual Greenwich International Film Festival!

Dear Friends and Family,

As we countdown to the first-ever Virtual Greenwich International Film Festival, our team is buzzing with excitement! We’ve been busy preparing an engaging line-up of films and exclusive interviews for you to enjoy from the comfort and safety of your own home. The countdown looks a little different this year. Instead of visiting our box office to pick up tickets and passes, guests will receive a unique user login with instructions for accessing the Virtual Festival. Rather than referring to a schedule of events on specific dates and times, audience members can view films any time over the course of the 3-day Festival. Q&A discussions with our artists will be hosted on virtual platforms like Zoom, rather than in-person.

While there won’t be the luxury of a spa and shopping day to get ready for the film premiere you’ve been anxiously anticipating, we recommend indulging in a little self care at home. As our friends at Maison D’Alexandre pointed out to us, getting ready, even if you’re not going anywhere, puts you in a good mood! Plus, the talent will still see you on Zoom!


With that in mind, here are some fun and easy self care tips from our friends at Maison D’Alexandre!

1. Make sure to stay hydrated. This is important for our skin and hair health. “Hydrated, healthy hair is beautiful hair.”

2. Have a spa night. Clay masks are great for all skin types and give your skin a nice, deep clean. Deep conditioning hair masks can help smooth, hydrate, and add shine to your hair. Some of Maison D’Alexandre’s favorite masks include: Leonor Greyl ‘s Masque Orchidee, Renee Furterer’s Karite Hydra and Karite Nutri.

3. Put your phone away. Give yourself a few hours in the day without any technology and focus on being present.

4. Get some fresh air. While we are being told to stay home, it doesn’t mean you can’t step outside for a quick walk around your block.


5. Read a book. We all have a list of books we hope to get to, someday. Use this extra time at home to read a book that has been on your list or to re-read a favorite book of yours.

6. Watch a movie. Set up your couch with some extra pillows and cozy blankets and have a movie night! We are so excited to be launching our first-ever virtual film festival where you’ll have access to exclusive documentary and narrative feature films, and a shorts program highlighting talent from Connecticut! To purchase your pass visit


7. Get ready for the day. As we mentioned, even if you don’t have any plans, getting ready can help put you in a good mood!. The team at Maison D’Alexandre shared these insider tips and secrets for doing your hair at home.

  • For easy styling into chignons, pony tails, and up styles make sure that your hair is “next day” clean.  Freshly shampooed hair is too soft to work with, so we professionals prefer to style hair the day after shampoo.
  • For your at-home blow dry make sure that hair is damp. Use one of Maison D’Alexandre’s extra long round brush designed to blow dry larger sections of hair at a time for faster blow drys.  Create Sections:  One Top,  Two Sides and Two back.  Use a professional blow dryer, we recommend the Maison d’Alexandre blow dryer, light weight but higher volume of air for a faster blow dry.
  •  For a Hot Roller Look without the rollers use Maison D’Alexandre’s extra long round thermal brush. Again Create 5 sections.  Heat your thermal brush before Wrapping your section of hair. Direct the heat onto the wrapped section with the blow dryer.  Remove hair and using 2 fingers wrap the hair pinning close to the root .  Continue through all sections leaving the pin set for 5 minutes. Once you remove the pins, make sure to use a wide tooth comb to blend all section without flattening the volume.
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