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Since 2014, Greenwich International Film Festival has developed into a world-class film festival that donates proceeds to charity partners, supports gifted artists, and showcases social impact films that have inspired positive change in our community and beyond. As a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, we know that our accomplishments are a direct result of your belief in our mission: to harness the power of film to serve the greater good by highlighting issues that relate to basic human rights, education, the environment, and health care. Please consider making a cash or stock donation today!

Stock Donation

Thank you for your interest in supporting the Greenwich International Film Festival, a 501(c)3. To help you facilitate a gift of stock, please use the following steps:

Step 1: Notify your broker to send the securities to the Greenwich International Film Festival

Securities Transfer Instructions
Depository Trust Company-eligible transactions should be sent to:
JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A.
DTC Participant Number 902
FFC to Account Number 902
FFC to Account Number P72500
For Account Number – PDB# M33143005
For Account: Greenwich International Film Festival Inc.

Step 2: Notify the Greenwich International Film Festival by Filling Out the Form Below
Each time a gift of stock is donated, regardless of the method chosen to deliver a gift of stock, information about the gift for audit and acknowledgment purposes is needed. Fields with an asterisk are required.




    Does donor wish to remain anonymous?

    Date of Transfer

    What is the approximate amount you would like to donate?

    Number of Shares

    Name of Security

    Transferring Broker

    What firm is the broker with?

    What state is the firm located?

    Firm Phone Number

    If sending a letter or an e-mail is preferred, the following information is needed at the time of transfer:
    - Donor's full name and complete address
    - Name and number of securities transferred
    - Date of the transfer.

    Send to:
    Greenwich International Film Festival
    55 Old Field Point Road
    Greenwich, CT 06830

    Online Donation


    Mail Donation

    Make check payable to: Greenwich International Film Festival
    0 Horseneck Lane
    Greenwich, CT 06830

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