Run time: 117 minutes

Q&A following the screening

6/1 | 2:30 PM
Bow Tie – Theater 3

6/2 | 11:00 AM
Bow Tie – Theater 3

Against the Wall

Directed By: Kyle Saylors

Kevin Foster became the only person allowed by the Chinese government to ride a bicycle atop the length of the Great Wall, despite being told by doctors he would never walk or talk again after being electrocuted as a child.


Directed By: Paul Nethercott

A courageous young woman with ALS finds beauty and humor in life and keeps moving forward.

La Guerra

Directed By: Erin Nene-Lee Ramirez

A young, Mexican American woman from Southern California has taken on a much greater role for her family in the face of her parents’ deportation. Growing up in a mixed status family, 19-year-old Angelica Guerra has seen both of her parents leave the United States with no real hope of return. Angelica chose to make the best of the situation by continuing to study, work, and take care of her siblings to keep the American Dream alive, despite her family’s separation.

Small Family, Happy Family

Directed By: Annie Munger and Zoe Hamilton

Mitilesh, a young woman from Central India, is recruited by local health workers to get sterilized in a mass surgical ‘camp’. As she decides to undergo the surgery, her narrative is situated in the larger context of population control in India – one that has for decades sacrificed women’s health and reproductive rights in the name of economic progress.

Still Plays with Trains

Directed By: Ross Kauffman

By recreating his 10th birthday with a 3000 square foot replica of the old Lackawanna Railroad in his basement, one man gives us a nostalgic glimpse of what it was like growing up in the 1950’s.

Mack Wrestles

Directed By: Erin Sanger and Taylor Hess
Run Time: 25 mins

ESPN 30 for 30 followed by a Q&A with Directors Erin Sanger and Taylor Hess

The sport is brutal enough. There are the demands for strength and speed and stamina, the hours bathed in sweat, the knowledge that your opponent wants to wipe the mat with you. Those were the very reasons, though, that Mack Beggs loved wrestling—it gave him a sense of purpose and a sense of self. Mack Wrestles takes the audience behind the scenes as this gifted athlete from Euless, Texas, struggles against the outside forces that stigmatize transgender athletes. Despite all the turmoil, this poignant film makes one thing perfectly clear: If life were a wrestling match, the referee would be raising Mack’s arm at the end.

6/1 | 11:00 AM | Bow Tie – Theater 2 | BUY NOW

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