Connecticut Shorts Program

The Connecticut Shorts Program showcases short films that were either shot in Connecticut or made by a filmmaker from Connecticut. This new category will celebrate local film talent and the beautiful state of Connecticut. The Connecticut Shorts Program will screen as a series twice during the 2018 Festival and is sponsored by the Connecticut Office of Film, Television, and Digital Media.

Date: 6/1* | Location: Bow Tie – Theater 3 | Time: 1:15pm | BUY NOW

6/3* | Location: Bow Tie – Theater 2 | Time: 11:00am | BUY NOW


Directed By: Molly Bareiss
Run Time: 15 mins
Country: USA

This film takes an intimate look at the struggles of a Syrian refugee family and the new hope they’ve found after settling in the US, while touching on the contentious national dialogue surrounding the entrance of Syrian Refugees into the United States.


Directed By: Meg Sutton
Run Time: 18 mins
Country: USA

Drew’s a young female musician working at a local music venue in 1970s Los Angeles. When she books her idol, Marcie, a sultry blues singer, to come play at the venue, her expectation of what opportunities this will bring clash with her budding relationship with Marcie’s boyfriend, Reid. She finds herself up against an industry of sellouts, heartbreak and disillusionment with what she initially admired about these successful musicians. Drew has to find the confidence to pursue her aspirations on her own and prove that talent speaks louder than noise.


Directed By: Kim A. Snyder
Run Time: 22 mins
Country: USA

Following the critically acclaimed ‘Newtown’ documentary, NOTES FROM DUNBLANE: LESSONS FROM A SCHOOL SHOOTING depicts Father Bob Weiss, who in the days following the Sandy Hook Massacre that took the lives of 26 children and teachers on December 14, 2012, was tasked with the burial of 8 of those children. In the throes of profound PTSD, he receives a letter from Father Basil O’Sullivan in Dunblane, Scotland where, in 1996 sixteen school children were gunned down at the hands of an unhinged lone gunman. In the ensuing months, the two priests forge a bond across the Atlantic through a series of letters sharing experiences of trauma and recovery.


Directed By: Christopher Hawthorne
Run Time: 6 mins
Country: USA

After a heated argument with her husband, a Middle Eastern woman ventures into New York City to replace her broken television.


Directed By: Jonathan Napolitano
Run Time: 12 mins
Country: USA

Shortly after retiring, Bruce and Terry Jenkins of Lutz, FL, transformed their 1920s farmhouse into a hospice and senior living facility for cats.


Directed By: William Michals, Carlos Rojas
Run Time: 13 mins
Country: USA

This intimate film gives a glimpse into the daily routine of Calvin Siebert, a highly independent New York artist. Calvin has been commuting from his rent-controlled studio in Chelsea to the beaches of Rockaway, Queens since the 1980s to build impressive modern, brutalist-inspired sandcastles. At the end of each day, Calvin walks away from the work, forfeiting it to the whims of the waves, seagulls or the random wandering child. His work has been featured on the CBS Evening News, The BBC, The New York Times, The Financial Times, and many other venues around the world.

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